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I enjoy sharing ideas and strategies with friends, co-workers, and the greater design community.

Below are talks I've given relating to building out systems and team communication. Unfortunately there are no recordings available, but you are welcome to download the presentation slides to get an idea of the content. 


A 10,000m Perspective

A 10,000m Perspective was a talk given to a multi-discipline audience consisting of product managers, engineers, marketing personnel, and designers. 

It gives a simple breakdown of product team roles and general feature ideation process before expressing the idea that maintaining a broad awareness of the product and system can help prevent the need for reworking designs to align with existing workflows or to better fit the visual language of the system.

Key Concepts

  • Content and context are the driving forces when determining style application.

  • Consistency between size, space, and treatments are key to designing interfaces that feel congruent within itself and its larger family of products.


Helpful Cross Team Communication

Helpful Cross Team Communication explores the values of having shared definitions between production teams and considerations for adjusting language or format to be more effective with the recipient.

Key Concepts

  • Efficient communication requires effective communication

  • Being effective takes into account context, concepts, and specificity relative to the audience

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