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DSP Configuration Software

The updated workspace and filter dialog

DSP is a control software application used to map, monitor, and manage audio systems across a network of devices.

The application has grown for several years and needed to have a visual update, along with added features to pair with its next planned iteration.


The previous software version of the above screen.

Refresh: A systematic application of library styles and opportunities for improved workflow

DSP offers numerous features. The main objective of the work was to revamp the visual language of the interface, but opportunities were present to improve upon existing workflows with small augmentations.


An audio media player. Controls were carried over from previous dialog reskins.

One such opportunity was in the macros dialog. Users mostly set up a macro initially and then rarely adjusted it. We made the decision to display the action list in a read-only format to cut down on the visual news and make it easier to scan the contents of the macro.


The read-only view of the macro helps reduce the amount of focus required to parse the action list.

Resizing fixed containers to display their content in a more reliable format.


A single row of tabs and enough space to show the available forms without the need for awkward wrapping.

In some cases features were more extensively reworked to better communicate the relationship between elements.


The Phone Dialer was reformatted to follow a more logical flow of the feature's steps.

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